JEB Editorial procedures


JEB applies a three-stage publishing procedures including (1) Stage 1 - Initial check; (2) Stage 2 - Peer review; and (3) Stage 3 - Approval and publishing. All of these three stages are displayed online, the authors, therefore, can track how their manuscripts have been processed.

Initial checks

  • The managing editors receive and carry out an initial check on the submitted manuscripts to decide if they are eligible for peer review.

Peer review

  • The Editor-in-chief then assigns 1-2 experts to review a submitted manuscript (double-blind peer-review).
  • The managing editors keep the author and the Editor-in-chief (if any) informed of review decisions.
  • The author revises the manuscript following point-by-point mannered comments until it is accepted by the reviewer.

Approval and publishing

  • The Editor-in-chief approves the list of from 5-12 manuscripts to be published in an issue.
  • The accepted manuscripts are screened for plagiarism with iThenticare and edited in language and contents.
  • The English abstracts and manuscripts are revised by a native English speaker.
  • The laying of the selected manuscripts is outsourced; the manuscripts then are finalized.
  • The Editor-in-chief does the final check and approval to the selected manuscripts before publication.
  • The manuscripts are then published online, printed, and distributed according to regulations.

The total length of this editorial procedures for an issue lasts for approximately 2-3 months. Sometimes, even if they are accepted, some manuscripts may be scheduled for publishing at a later time depending on the Editor-in-chief's decision.